Testing for Discrimination

Part of Tactical Notebooks series published by the New Tactics in Human Rights Project

This tactical notebook focuses on the successful transplanting to Hungary of "testing," a tactic developed in the antidiscrimination movement in the United States. In testing, an advocacy organization that has received a complaint of an incident of discrimination, immediately sends out "testers" to replicate the incident. If a person, for instance, is denied a job based on their identity, "testers" are sent out immediately to apply for the same job and document their treatment. This documentation will be legitimate evidence of the systematic nature of the discrimination.

RCM translated this notebook in Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian, and held one regional workshop on using of this valuable antidiscrimination technique; all this with support from New Tactics in Human Rights.

Below you can find attached .pdf of translation into Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian.

The original text in English and other translations can be found on:


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