International Mother Language Day


Do you speak…

UNESCO proclaimed the International Mother Language Day to be 21 February in 1999, recognizing Language Movement Day’s commemoration of protests protect Bengali as a national language in 1952 when number of Bangladeshi students were killed in Dhaka for advocating the recognition of the Bengali language as an official language of Pakistan.
Observing this day internationally we celebrate our linguistic diversity and right of every person to use their own mother language.

Short quiz on languages

1. How many languages are spoken in the world?
According to the Ethnologue ( there are 6,913 languages in the world.
2. Do you think that more languages are spoken in Africa or in Asia?
More languages are spoken in Asia (2,269) than in Africa (2,092). In comparision to these two continents in Europe only 239 languages are spoken, but it’s the second-largest when it comes to the number of speakers (after Asia).
3. What are the two most spoken languages in the world?
They are Mandarin and English.
4. Do you know how many people speak English both as the first and second language?
English is spoken as the first language by 340 million people and as the second by 168 million people.
5. Do you think that more people speak French or Spanish?
As the first language Spanish is spoken by 322 million people, while French by 65 million people.
6. Do you know in which country the biggest number of languages is spoken?
In Papua New Guinea 820 langauges are spoken.
7. Do you know how many languages are spoken in USA and do you know how many are spoken in Russia?
In USA 311 languages are spoken and in Russia 129 languages are spoken.